Connecting brands, products and services to  audiences most receptive to their offering – in a way that provides a value exchange and is accountable

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At the very core of what we do; challenging convention and developing guiding principles and paths for brands – bridging all agency partners to deliver business impact

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Providing consultancy services to marketing’s future-makers – helping shape their products and propositions for the audiences that matter most

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A unique approach to driving rapid and sustainable business growth, leveraging the global network of WPP marketing services, to marry our incubation partners with their clients

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Our Clients

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The Power Of Hyperlocalization

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Marvel’s Ant-Man: Heroes Don’t Get Any Bigger

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A Refreshing Break into the Market for Fruit Shoot

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Building Awareness for a Pharma Giant

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Affordable Homes For Those Who Need It

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The Hundred Foot Journey

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Our Culture

We fundamentally believe in the democratisation of ideas. Game-changing ideas – those that provoke and inspire – are born from collaboration between passionate and talented individuals of different mindsets and skill-sets. 

Our diversity defines us in this respect, and the collection of closet coders, grammar geeks and sexy strategists – from a slew of different walks and talks – creates a culture of challenge and creativity.

A collective of entrepreneurs at heart, our intolerance of the status quo, our hunger and passion for the challenge and the work, drive us forward. 

Through the application of technology to deliver better media and message targeting, to designing new consumers experiences, we are on a crusade to make marketing more accountable – and the connections between brands and consumers more relevant and meaningful.

We don’t tolerate average coffee, and our company is undoubtedly the place to do the best work of your career.

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We believe that brands deserve partners that can think beyond their verticals, and start thinking about how communications can help them achieve their business goals – and in doing so benefit people’s lives through a genuine value exchange.

Our collaborative approach with clients, agencies, media owners and technology partners is at the very heart of what makes m/six truly different, and allows us to provide both a holistic strategy and accountability to our clients’ investments.

If you are looking for an agency to help you accelerate the impact and efficacy of your business and marketing, by linking all your agency partners together, while infusing technology, and the power of the world’s #1 media network then look no further.

Ambitious brands, businesses and people only need call.

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